About OTR

The ‘ON THE RUN TOUR’ is our premier Football Camp that will feature The Running Back Club, The Quarterback Club & The Receivers Club (aka The Wideout Club). This camp will provide all of the tools that you will need to become a weapon on the offensive side of the ball. This camp will be hosted by some of the best offensive minded coaches in the nation. If you are a Running Back, Quarterback or Receiver, you do not want to miss this elite football camp!

• Simulated Drills & Game Time Work • Build strong & effective cuts • Confidence when Toting the Ball • Technical Footwork • Cleat Control • Open Field Moves • Making Defenders miss • Elusiveness • Ball Control • Route Running Techniques (Backfield & Slot) • Blocking • Inside Runs/ Outside Runs • Mesh Point Series with the QB • Yards After Catch (YAC) • Stick Work (Footwork)

• Play Action Package • Check Down Series • Mesh Point Series • Screen Package • Zone Read • RPO Series • QB Draw • Hot Route • 3 Step Drop • 5 Step Drop • Throwing Mechanics • Pocket Collapse Work • Accuracy

• The Route Tree • Detailed Release Series (In & Out) • Secondary Release Series • Press Release Series • Recognizing Zone vs. Man Coverages • Top of the Route Work • Toe Drag Work (2 Cleats inbounds) • High Point Work (Ball Awareness) • Hand Eye Work • Yards After Catch (YAC) • Stick Work (Footwork)

OTR Benefits:

Why Register?
• Hands on training by position coaches with College & NFL experience • The work will translate to game time situation • Sharpen Skills • Prepare for the upcoming season • Build physical & mental confidence • Showcase Skills & Talent • Q & A • Videographer • Photographer • Camp will be live streamed to over 45,000 Instagram Subscribers • Club Gear included • Combine Prep • Food, Snacks, Fruit & Water will be provided • Camp will be open to the public (& parents)