Register for The Premier Cut School Program • Wilmington, NC • May 4-5

CUT SCHOOL x ROUTE SCHOOL is designed to develop the offensive skills of every student (athlete) that is willing to learn. 

About Cut School

C U T S C H O O L is an exclusive workshop, where Ball Carriers will learn to ‘CUT’ & run routes with precision, safety & confidence; guaranteed to take your skills to the next level. This workshop is hosted by some of the Nation’s best Running Back coaches (& Trainers).

“I highly recommend every RB to join The Running Back Club (Cut School) as it will help to elevate your game in a variety of ways when it comes to playing the RB position at a very high level. Fundamentals build foundation & foundation allows for growth. Elevate with The Running Back Club.”

Chris Barclay, Running Backs Coach, The University of Louisville

Cut School Benefits:

⁃ Hands on training experience

⁃ The work will translate to game time situation

⁃ Sharpen Route Skills

⁃ Sharpen Cuts

⁃ Proper Cut Technique (Injury Prevention)

⁃ Build physical & mental confidence

⁃ Enhance Ball Running Skills

⁃ Coaches have NCAA & NFL Experience

⁃ Q & A

⁃ Videographer

⁃ Photographer

⁃ Club Gear included

⁃ Combine Prep

- Over a dozen Cut School alumni highly recruited nationally or playing college (& pro) football

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